Sports Betting Tennis


The game of tennis can be a huge opportunity for online sports bettors. More and more punters are finding the game of tennis to be lucrative, making it ever more popular. Some of the advantages of tennis in terms of its appeal to bettors include the fact that is played year round; so many sports are restricted to a team’s season. Most players can b easily researched online, giving you as much information as you could want about a competition. Thirdly, tennis has only two outcomes, as there are no ties in tennis, making it a great sport for beginner punters to get involved in.


The ATP (formally known as the Association of Tennis Professionals; their name shortened to just the acronym in 2001) is the authority and ruling agent on everything in the tennis world.  They’ve been in control of the sport since 1988, when, in the parking lot of the U.S. Open, the organization announced they’d be taking over. Evidently, no one had a better idea, and they’ve rules the professional world of men’s tennis since. The women’s division is under the WTA’s control- now known as the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. For each of these tours, we’ve provided the link to their homepages where you can explore ‘til your hearts content on the biggest events, the biggest names in tennis.

Grand Slam

The tour is based upon a weekly schedule, with the additional four (4) Grand Slam events. There are also the Master Series games- a separate schedule of nine tournaments held across North America and Europe. It’s been around since 1996 (then known as the Master 9) until 1999, when the name changed to ATP Master Series. So prestigious are the tournaments, that they are required for the top players in the league. As with some of the best Grand Slams, finals have lasted over five sets. 

If tennis has sparked your interest, there are a few specialty sites out there, focusing totally on the game of tennis in sports betting. You’ll find great little nuances of information, like recent fitness and form details for your favorite players, and tips on event sites: like playing surfaces, any potential or past injuries for competing players, as well as a multitude of other facts for your betting ease.

Winner-Loser result

We mentioned that the Winner-Loser result for tennis matches makes it a great sport for newbie punters, but that’s not to say there aren’t other factors you can bet on as well. Some of these include (of course it depends on where you are betting, but…) Betting Set by Set, Set Handicaps, Games Handicaps, In Running Markets, Length of the Match, Total Aces Scored, or even To Win the Draw Quarter. Tennis matches move quickly but there is certainly enough time for you to slip in some bets mid-game, ensuring that no matter the final outcome, you remain a winner!