Free Scratch Cards

What are Scratch Cards?

About 5 years ago a group of people who loved scratch cards decided to transfer the whole experience online.  And a whole new world of great fun was started, online scratch cards!!  The Free Scratch Cards | Online Scratch Cardswhole idea brought in a whole new aspect to the game.  Before scratch cards came online, if you wanted to play, you would have to pay, even just for fun, now online scratchcards can be played for free.

And let me tell you it is fun!!  I personally am addicted to scratching but sometimes I don’t have the best luck and thats what is great here, I can log on to one of the many casino’s and start playing instantly free scratch cards.  I don’t need to download any software or deposit any money, all I need to do is register with them and I have a personal free scratch cards casino in front of me.

There are quite a few online casino’s that focus on scratch cards and that give you the opportunity to play free scratch cards.  I really like the ones that run NeoGames platform, like Scratch2Cash, and many others that you can view through my platform review page.

Most of the casino’s will let you play their games for free and many of them will also give you an initial amount to play with which can range between 5 free, 7 free and sometimes even more.

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If you want to be more daring and start playing for money, many of the casino’s will offer you free match up bonus’s of up to 100% and 200% and even higher sometime on your initial deposit.

I like to play the free practice cards first and then try out my luck with some real money.

I normally spend a lot of my time checking out the games that are offered in site, I have made it somewhat of a habit to check what each game offers, the maximum payouts and the minimum bets. I also like to compare the the number of winning cards per hundred so I know which games give me a better chance of winning.

I also ensure that I have read the terms and conditions, because when Im playing for money, I want to know that I can cash out or stay in based on the rules laid out by the website officials.

After I have gone through all of this and am quite satisfied that everything is within my acceptable limits and I would be happy to pass over my details to the website, I sign up for a free account and peruse many of the free games. As I have become accustomed to playing many of the hundreds of available scratch games I have learned to be a little more patient when choosing my game for the evening and recently have been looking more for the interactive games with better graphics and relaxing background music.

After finding my game for the evening, I spend some time playing the free version just to get accustomed to the game, then I make a cup of tea, and get down to the real money play.

I hope that you will all enjoy playing your scratch game and win buckets of money when playing with real money.